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General Profile

You are a Professor of Business Administration specializing in Operational Research, in which also you have a PhD degree.

You are from a royal family the Oyiyo Dynasty in Ijero – Ekiti . You are married with six children. You have passion for character in people, and fairness and justice in society. You believe in service to society land humanity, and in ultimate accountability to God.

Early Childhood

You were born in Ijero – Ekiti on 9/9/40, and had your primary education at Ijero – Ekiti till 1954 when you went to the prestigious Christ’s school Ado - Ekiti where you came out, in 1958, with a grade I school certificate. Your father, Prince Samuel Ojo Akingbade, who died in 1952 before you were twelve, had strongly moulded your character before his demise, while your mother, who died in 1994, nurtured it.

Post Secondary Education

You attended the school of forestry in Ibadan (1959 – 1960) and you came out with a diploma certificate as one of the best two in the class. You attended Dundee College of Technology in Dundee, Scotland (1960 – 1962) for your pre – university GCE A/L education, from where you went to the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, first to study forestry but later changed to study chemical Engineering, in which you had a Bachelor’s degree in 1996. Your service to humanity disposition, with the concern for mackman orientation, influenced your change of education emphasis to management, which you studied at Liverpool college of Technology ( 1966 – 1967) to have a postgraduate Diploma, and later to operational Research in which you have a D.phil (i.e. PhD) from the University of Ulster, Colerain, Northern Ireland after a Master’s in Industrial Maths and Statistic from Aston University, Birmingham, England ( 1967 – 1969).

Working Experience

You had a two – month stint teaching at a Modern School at Aiyete, Oyo State in 1959; one – year service ,teaching at Doherty Memorial Grammar School, Ijero – Ekiti (1969 – 70); and another one – year working as Industrial officer in the then western state civil service at Ibadan before joining the services of the University of Lagos as a lecturer II in 1972, where you worked till no retired in September 2005 as a profession, while currently you remain an Adjunct Professor in the University of Lagos. You also spent one year on Sabbatical at the University of Ado – Ekiti, 2003 – 2004.

University Career

You were lecturer II in 1972, Lecture I in 1974, Senior Lecture I in 1979, Associate professor in 1990, and Professor in 1992.

Administratively you were Head of Development of Business Administration in 1983 – 1984, Acting Dean of the faculty of Business Administration for two years ( 1992 – 1994)., and Dean for four years, 1997 – 2001. You were also Dean of the faculty of Management Sciences at the University of Ado – Ekiti, in the 2003 – 2004, while on sabbatical there.

At the University of Lagos, also, you started being a member of senate in 1974. You were chairman of several senate committees

You were external examiner to many Universities, including ABU, UNIBEN, UNILORIN, University of Ghana, and COVENANT University.

Public Service

You served on the rent panel set up by the Military Government of Murtala/Obasnajo Administration in 1976. You were one of the seven .University lecturers seconded to IBB school of International Studies in the University of Liberia, Monrovia, in 1989 till 1990 when the civil war forced you back home. You were a Government nominated member of the Board of Wrought Iron Nigeria Ltd (WIN) ( 1970 – 70), and of the Board of Nigeria Bank of Commerce an Industry ( NBCI) ( 1989 – 1980).


You were an African Student activist at your undergraduate and Master’s postgraduate days in Britain. You were secretary of the militant African Society in Edinburgh 1964 – 1966, and Coordinator of the Nigerian left group in Birmingham, 1967 – 1969.In Nigeria you were coordinator of the University of Lagos radical group, the Speakers Society, publishers of Lagoon Echo, from 1974 till about 1980 when real activism by the group fizzled out. You were chairman of ASUU University of Lagos, 1983 – 1987.

Professional Activities

You organized the Operational ,Research club in 1980, the OR society of Nigeria in 1987, the Association of Promoters of Innovative Management through Operational Research ( APIMANOR) in 1993, and now you are the present of the Institute for Operational Research of Nigeria. You are currently member of the council of NIM, and member of it accreditation committee, you are also member of the Academy of management Nigeria.

Contributions to Operational Research

Apart from lecturing to impact OR knowledge to regular students, since 1972, you have also done so at seminars, workshops. And special training programmes, to officers of the Nigerian forces and particularly the Air force and the state security services, and also to management staff at various levels from industry.

Your research efforts have focused ,on the philosophy and methodology of OR and how to adapt it to situations prevailing in development countries. In this regard you developed a structuring approach by which frameworks of problem prototypes can be used as ha basic for modelling specific practical problem situations.

You pioneered conscious and concerted OR promotion in Nigeria. You made several efforts since l1980 to evolved a sustained and virile OR professional organization.

All though you have always advocated a widespread adoption of OR culture, and the use of soft OR, in Nigeria, while expecting the situation to improve, and indeed continue to work to make it improve, in technical and infrastructural sophistication make increasing sophisticated OR techniques feasible.

Vision for the Institute

Your vision for the Institute is for it to rapidly grow to maturity, with the financial, infrastructural, and instructional capacity .to be able to service Nigeria in making the Institute became the brain and soul for making Operational Research a household concept generally in Nigeria for use hat all levels in the country. The institute will focus on achieving the following at shortest time possible:

  1. Functional infrastructure for the Institute headquarters
  2. A well k- equipped OR Library, with books and facilities
  3. An OR foundation for finding research and other efforts on developing appropriate OR for Nigeria and promoting it in the country
  4. A centre .for OR studies.

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